The Importance of Grade 12 University Level English for Any University Program


Many grade 12 students often stress over the requirement of a grade 12 University English course. After all, English is a fairly difficult subject and the language itself can be pretty complex. As a grade 12 student myself, I can understand the stress and the annoyance that can be caused by the grade 12 University English course. However, I believe that it is essential for everyone to take grade 12 University level English for any university program they desire because the course helps students to build a strong foundation in their literacy skills, which are vital for success in university. LiteracyThese literacy skills include oral communication, reading and writing skills, which provide the basis for a variety of subjects and programs. Even if you decide to choose a science program or a history program, you will still require excellent literacy skills in order to succeed and build other skill sets. Throughout the grade 12 English course, you are able to refine the literacy skills that you need to succeed in your academic and daily life. You learn to interpret and analyze a variety of texts in order to obtain important information or draw conclusions. You also learn to write a variety of compositions and effectively communicate information to others, which strengthens your communication skills. These skills are all extremely important because they are used on a daily basis in order to understand the complex concepts that are taught in university. University students need to be able to read and analyze a variety of complex journal articles, research papers and readings in order to have a good understanding of the course material. They also need the ability to summarize the information and the key points because there is a lot more content to understand. University students require strong written communication skills to effectively take notes, especially during important lectures. Strong written communication skills are also extremely important because university students need to write various compositions with the correct spelling and grammar. These are all different examples of how excellent literacy skills can help you succeed when you’re a university student. The Grade 12 English course helps to build these essential literacy skills, which are needed in any university program. 

brainNot only does the grade 12 university level English course develop your literacy skills, but it also helps you to develop your ability to think critically and creatively. This is because literature can be quite complex to understand and is not always so direct. It often requires a different way of thinking in order to understand it and this often prompts students to read between the lines or think outside the box. In grade 12 University level English, there is more analysis on different types of literature, which allow students to look at different perspectives. As a result, the English course can help you to think creatively and use your critical thinking skills to draw your own conclusions from the literature being studied.  These thinking and application skills are very useful because university students might have certain assignments or tasks that require these skills. For example, university students might partake in the analysis of complex case studies, which require strong critical thinking skills in order to assess the text and formulate their own opinions. Another example where critical and creative thinking skills might be applied is at a co-op term. In the workplace, you have to be able to think on your feet and problem solve. If you have creative and critical thinking skills, you can find more solutions to one problem. Overall, the development of creativity and critical thinking can help to fuel both personal and academic growth. This shows that the grade 12 University level English course is beneficial for students because it improves their thinking skills and this can be seen as a big asset in university.  

In conclusion, the Grade 12 English course is very beneficial to students. In my opinion, it should be required for all university programs because the course provides students with a variety of essential skills that will enable them to succeed. Universities should make grade 12 University level English a requirement in order to select those who are more likely to succeed in post-secondary education. I hope that you can now understand the importance of grade 12 University level English and why it should be required for any university program! 

Were there any points that were missed? What is your take on this topic? Share your ideas with us by commenting below! 


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